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Customized Nutrition For You...
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What is Me+ology?
In the first-of-its-kind, 10-year, category-defining Landmark Health Study, UC Berkeley researchers found that Shaklee supplements truly Make Healthy Happen™ when it comes to long-term health. People who used Shaklee had dramatically improved levels of important heart health biomarkers, proving the power of our products.
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Proven by Science, Proven by People
Healthy Nutrition

Our Prove It Challenge or other targeted solutions will have you feeling amazing in just 30 days

Sports Nutrition

A safe, proven, comprehensive way to get the optimized nutrition you need to support your specific activity and fitness goals.

Maximize results and faster recovery

Healthy Green Home

Our concentrated biodegradable cleaners, Outperform major brands and have diverted millions of tons from landfills. We embrace circularity and continuous reduction of our impact to the planet

Healthy Clean Beauty

Clinically proven personal care and beauty products created in harmony with nature. 
We've banned over 2000 contaminants commonly found in other brands 

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