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Why BB creams are important

BB creams have become increasingly popular over the past decade because they offer multiple benefits in one product. As mentioned earlier, BB creams are a mix of skin care and makeup that can help keep your skin moisturized while also giving you the effect of a light foundation. They are a great alternative to heavier foundations, which can often feel uncomfortable in warmer months, and provide a natural, lightweight finish.

One of the best things about BB creams is that they contain sun protection, so you don't have to apply sunscreen in the morning if you're wearing a BB cream. Additionally, many BB creams serve as a primer, which means you may not need a separate makeup primer if you're using a BB cream.

When it comes to choosing the right BB cream, it's important to find one that's suited to your skin type and tone. The Youth Activating BB Cream by Shaklee is a great option, as it's designed to provide coverage for every skin tone and contains a range of beneficial, naturally-derived ingredients to help improve your skin's health.

The Youth Activating BB Cream is a tinted treatment product that evens, corrects, hydrates, nourishes, and protects skin. It also provides antioxidant nutrients and essential vitamins to protect against skin-damaging free radicals and environmental pollutants. The formula includes muscadine grape polyphenols to protect against damaging free radicals, plus vitamins C, E, and B5 to nourish. It also features green algae to improve firmness and an ocean-derived polymer to create a pollution-protection shield. The naturally derived zinc provides chemical-free SPF 30 Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection.

The Youth Activating BB Cream comes in 4 blendable shades, allowing you to customize your coverage to your skin tone. You can apply one layer for a natural look or multiple layers for more complete coverage. With this multitasking 5-in-1 Beauty Balm, you can get flawless, glowing skin with just one product.

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