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Diaries of Emmett Newell

WWII wake island POW

9 December 1919–27 January 1987

Diary Entries

(Written by Jody Newell)

My heroes have always been cowboys! And my father was one. He was raised on the back of a horse in Ola, Eyedeehoe (Id.) spent his 21st birthday in POW camp in Japan. When he got home he began his well planned goal of continuing the Good Life. Raising cows, riding the range and the stock cars. By the time I got to know him he was a 40 year old man and a pure joy to be around. He allowed me to cut my own path as a youngster, he continued his unstructured lessons as I turned young adult. I guess four years in prison camp had taught him to appreciate and enjoy life each day, the fresh air, the taste of homemade ice cream, the smell of baking bread, the sound of rain on a tin roof. He was one of those rare people who are truly generous of heart and nature. Passing along his knowledge the best way he knew how, usually unbeknownst to you. When I was fourteen I wrote this poem for him on Father's Day, ten years ago we printed it again for his eulogy. 


Emmett Newell

I hear a man who teaches without words

and the sound of the absent words 

helps me find the way. 

I feel a man who touches without hands 

and I've learned that love is always there.

I've walked by a man who loves without chains 

and I know that love is honesty and letting go. 


I see a man who accepts without question 

and I've learned that love does not stop 

when dreams are not the same. 


Emmett and Glen

Emmett and his brother Glen were raised in Ola, Idaho on a cattle ranch.  They went to Wake Island to build air strips.   While there they were captured, half of the men were taken prisoner and the remaining men were shot.  Emmett spent his 21st birthday in prison camp.  He and the other survivors were held in Chinese/Japanese prison for 4 years.   Having heroically defended WAKE ISLAND subsequent to attack 24 hours following the Pearl Harbor attack.    Those that survived the war were  released subsequent to the bombing of Hiroshima. 

The following entries are from a diary Emmett kept hidden for much of the time spent in Japan.  The entries are brief but made on a fairly regular basis.  It is a fact that had Emmett been caught with this diary while in prison camp he would have been killed.   As a child I only remember dad talking about the lighter side of those years, his daily entries tell us of how horrific this must have been for the thousands of prisoners.

In 1984 I went to work at Newell's Farm/Ranch Appraisal and had the pleasure of working with Emmett Newell, a truly special man.  I am thankful for the time we spent together as adults.    I had always wanted to transcribe this diary onto the internet so that others, who were interested in the subject, could read what he wrote.     It took half a year and many tears to complete the project.   

If you had family at Wake Island please email me and let me know you were here! 

diary transcribed the winter of 1996 by Jody Newell, daughter of Emmett L Newell

REMEMBER you must read between the lines at what is happening in prison camp.  When someone 'passes away' or is 'burned on the fence' there is, no doubt, horrific periods before and after.  Picture something like prison with no human rights, something extreme like 'Midnight Express' and Emmett making short entries knowing he had to be careful never to get caught for it would surely mean a slow and painful death for breaking the rules.  

Diary Entries

Several excerpts from Emmett's letter's home while waiting in Guam after the war. After serving his country from Dec. 7 of 1941 to September of 1945, was over two long months before he was able to get home.

Diary of Emmett Lewis Newell, excerpts from his letters home and Newspaper articles and a few personnel observations


Dec. 25 1941

The Navy wrote a reluctant "finis" on the Marines' gallant defense of Wake Island Wednesday in an account of how fewer than 400 fighting "leather-necks" held out against overwhelming odds for 14 days and destroyed four Japanese warships before surrendering the tiny mid-Pacific outpost. The island's heroic defenders consisted of 13 Marine corps' officers, 365 Marines, one Naval medical officer, and six enlisted men of the Navy medical corps, all under the command of a 38-year old resident of the nation's capital, Major James P.S. Devereaux. The article, similar to many to come, fails to mention the 1200 men employed on defense projects, working for Mr. H.W. Morrison, President and General Manager of the Morrison-Knudson Company of Boise, Idaho, who was the contractor for the defense projects on Midway and Wake Island also battled for their country.

These construction workers unquestionably aided in defense of the island and those who were shipped off of the island were put into internment as P.O.W.'s where they stayed until the end of the war. More than 300 Americans were chosen for the skills which the Japanese needed and were left on Wake Island to help Japanese rebuild the mid-Pacific base captured by Japan.


These men were later buried in a common grave. The balance (1,235 men) were taken to Asia as prisoners. A former worker at Wake, who was forced to return to the mainland after an operation, said that before he had left the marines had asked for volunteers to take rifle and machine gun practice. He said nearly all the construction workers had volunteered. On Jan. 6, 1941 Mr. D. Worth Clark, U.S. Senate, writes " As you have probably read, many civilians on Wake fought along with the marines, and so whether they will be treated as civilian or military prisoners or not is a question.

A letter home from Emmett epitomizes life on Wake Island prior to the attack. Dated Nov. 8th, 1941 to his Sis, Carl & Lewis Joe. 


The last time I wrote home I said that the new was wearing off. Well, now its gone entirely. I'd give by best eye to be home, but I know when I'm well off. A fellow really gets sick just to see something that resembles home. A mountain, pine tree, horse, cow or just anything would sure look swell. All day long we see just brush, covered sand and water. The camp is still fine & weather nice, but somehow I just sorta like home. I have no doubt that I can stay my contract through, and considering all I'm not sorry I came. I don't think Glenn is either.

I'm still working with the cement finishers and Glenn is putting in plumbing. He has to work alot harder than I do & I'm sure sorry about that. His boss seems to be quite a pusher. The clipper came in yesterday and we didn't get one letter. We were sorta disappointed. The fellows here have razzed us about always getting so much mail. Yesterday when I went to the post office window the clerk said "Well, this is the first time that has happened." I ask him what and he said "you didn't get any letters." We have always had at least three.

With yesterdays "wig wam" we each got a large paper (25 sheets) made up entirely of poems written by the men on wake. A few of them are pretty good.

We don't work day after tomorrow as it is Thanksgiving. I won a milk shake off Marv. on it. I intend to get up early & go shell hunting. Glenn went out Sunday & got some nice ones. Two of the nicest I have seen. We want to have a good collection to bring home. I wish you could see the grass balls Julio took home. They were really swell. Do you see Inez often? Tell her hello for me sometime.

Thursday 11:00 Thanksgiving

I just came in from shell hunting & Glenn hasn't got up yet. Marv. went deep sea fishing with a bunch. He didn't catch any fish & I didn't get any good shells, so we had just as well have followed Glenns example and slept in.

Boy did we have a grand feed. We couldn't start to even taste it all so it would have been best to have not so much today & a little more tomorrow.

"Well sis, I volunteered for marine service in case of emergency so I have to go now for target practice. We had instructions in the use of firearms the other night & today we are really going to shoot. Just got back from target practice, we really had a nice time. I got 22 out of a possible 25. The captain said that was good. I had two shots in the bulls eye & three just outside. Two hundred yard range using caliber 30 springfield rifles. Next time all of us who got a score of 20 or more are going to shoot it off for a case of beer. I'll sure be in there pitching. We will shoot at all ranges & in different positions before long. Wish Glenn would have signed as he is a better shot than I am. If anything should happened I'd as soon have a gun as to sit around twiddling my thumbs."

Its sure dead around here today. Everyone is either sleeping or writing. Theres a baseball game going on but hardly any one watches them.

Gram sure needn't worry about my old pipe anymore. My bunkie smokes an old one that he says he's had for five years. He won't put the ashes in a tray but always knocks them out on our writing table. I've sure learned what a mess they make.

I think of Louis Joe & Ginger a deuce of a lot. Everytime I look at that picture Dorothy sent me I get homesick. Doggone these pictures anyhow, send us some more. I got a kick out of Carl on old Shorty with the cattle. He may make a cowboy yet, but he'll have a H _ _ _ of a time getting good enuf to take my place. Especially on old Shorty.

Dad - anytime you want that pack I got in Honolulu just say so. Its not doing us any good there. I should put in about fifty a month.

Did you ever go back to Cascade yet? I suppose you have the cattle pretty well all gathered by this time? I'm sure anxious to hear how they count out and everything. Hope our calf crop was good.

Oh say! Mom, did you ever pay the C.M.O. that $4.10 I owed? and did you pay Cleve Miller that $3.00. I don't know yet whether you got that letter or not. When I bought that bull whip I didn't have any money with me & I never saw him again.

How is Gram, Gramp, Brig & wife and everyone else? I hope they are as well physically as we are.

Arch, you old horse thief, if you don't take better care of yourself I'm gonna rough you up a bit when I get back. Remember Ann & that little kid. Seems to me as if thats about all there is in this doggone life worth thinking of. You take care of them over there and we'll try to do our part over here.

One great consolation over here, though it may be tough and it may get tougher, we can feel that we are helping to make it safe for those we love back home. Well folks I have to close & finish another letter that I have started.

All my Love,


P.S. I suppose that you have guessed by now that I want this shown to the folks. Please do, it keeps me going to get a letter off on each clipper.

Oh yes! Almost forgot. Glenn just found out that his boss had turned him in for a raise, sure hope he gets it. I don't know for how much but we'll find out when the time comes.

The fellow just down the hall just bought a hundred & fifteen dollar radio. We get Salt Lake as if we were right in town. Its sure swell. He just turned it on and made me think of it.


Anchor 1

At 11:55 o'clock a.m. on Dec. 8th, 27
Japanese planes bombed and machine-gunned Wake Island. They got seven of our twelve planes and killed several men. On Dec. 23 the Marines surrendered the Island to the Japanese.

January - 1941 

Japanese announced Wake had been rechristened Otori, meaning Big Bird.

1942 Shanghai pow camp

The prisoners included Commander Winfred Cunningham, commander of the United States forces on Wake island, and Nathan Daniel Teters, civilian in charge of 1050 defense employees on the island. Commander Cunningham, from Wisconsin, was in command of his post only 25 days after his arrival from Honolulu on Nov. 28. The Navy Department said it could not confirm the Tokio statement that Commander Cunningham was at Wake. The Navy Register lists a Commander Winfield Scott Cunningham of Wisconsin. A previous Navy department announcement named Maj. James P.S. Devereaux as the commander of the 13 Marine officers and 365 Marines on the Wake island garrison who withstood a 15-day siege until Dec. 23.) Nathan Daniel Teters, reported in an official Tokio broadcast as the head of civilian workers captured on Wake island, was a flier during the World War. No. 1. Teters returned from France and attended Washington State college. He was in the construction business here until seven years ago when he joined the staff of the Morrison-Knudsen Company of Boise, Idaho.

Commander Winfield Scott Cunnningham was on Wake island as officer in charge of all naval operations there as of Dec. 7, the date of the outbreak of U.S. Japan hostilities. The letter was written four days before the fall of Wake island. Mrs. Cunningham received it at Annapolis by air mail on Jan. 6.

On Dec. 20, 1941 Commander Cunningham wrote to his wife "The situation is good and getting better. We are having a jolly time here and everything is in good shape. Before long you won't hear a Japanese east of Tokio. The climate is good, the food isn't bad, and I only have to wash my face once a day. Baths even scarcer, though we work in a swim now and them." In closing he added that circumstances might delay his joining his wife and daughter, Valerie, 9, in school in Baltimore, but added that the reunion "will sure come."


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Jan. 24  - Landed in Shanghai, China and were put in internment camp.

March 11 - Teters, Cunningham and three others attempted to escape, no luck. Feb. first North Chinese marines came into camp.

March 25 - Went to work cleaning up camp on promise of increased rations. I got more water instead.

Feb. 16 - Mark Stanton died of Malnutrition, he was taken to town and cremated.

Feb. 17 - A civilian was taken to Shanghai for an appendectomy.

March 27 - A marine was operated on for an appendicitis, it was done here in camp by Dr. Conan.

March 29 - Took Typhoid shots.

March 30 - Four tientsin Marines escaped from the camps.

April 3 - Went to work filling slew back of camp.

April 5 - Easter Sunday Japs promised better rations. But we got less. Cooks fixed camp jam. Got second Typhoid shot.

April 4 - Jack shaved my head for me.

April 14 - Ex Japanese U.S. ambassador told us we were not in on trade.

We got one half pound sugar 1.40 The radio came to our barracks today for one week.

April 29 - Emperors birthday the japs gave us one half pound butter and two apples apiece. We bought ten peanut bars 2 yen. We had soft ball games, boxing, and volleyball. Boxing gloves and ball equipment were given us by red cross. Some feed I'll say.

April 30 - Belly ache all last night (two much sugar) got over second color shot this afternoon. Lee Johnson rated the brig today.

May 1 - Planted our first garden stuff. potatoes, onions etc on May second - rain no work Edd Caney replaced Rutlege as civilian commander.

May 6 - Doctor Shindoe put bounty on flies. One cigarette for every ten flies.

May 7 - Radio announces fall of Corregador. Had our second musical show in barracks. On regular garden detail - killed viper bought two bowls of burned rice ten Cigarettes per bowl.

May 9 - Inspection no work this afternoon, hope running for a trade.

May 10 - Sunday - went to church this afternoon. Barrack 3 got shell detail today. Glenn and I still can garden. Several ball games today.

May 11 - Had the best feed since leaving Wake beans & bacon - one tea cup, doubles on stew, one load of bread - all for supper. Saw Chinese wedding today. James White came down with T.B., Glenn & I put in .50 cents to buy him extra food - milk, eggs etc., one man has beri beri.


May 12 - Chinese started harvesting grain with small scythes.

Doc Shindoe raised cigarettes to 50 flies apiece. Saw Chinese plowing.

May 16 - Turned in our winter clothes for summer issue. Got my head shaved again.

May 17 - Rainy and cold had to transplant cabbage. Got dysentery shots.

May 18 - Cloud burst last night. Inspection afternoon.

May 31 rain no work. Went to church mailed our letters home. Food definitely increased. Glenn traded sixty cigarettes for tennis shoes.

June 2 (second) - eight canteens opened for cash. We bought peanuts for 80 cents traded for two cups of salt and one sugar 75 cigarettes.

June 3 - Rain, 3 fights, 62 new prisoners came in off Wake, Petrol & Harrison. British, Chinese & American.

Canteen prices Gold

5 cent candy bars .60

Bag peanuts .80

Bag hard candy 1.00

Bag sugar .30

June 4 - 1 fight - someone stole 20 cartons of cigarettes. No issue for 30 days.

June 6 - 1 fight - Rain 3 guys in brig for sleeping on job.

June 10 - They moved two men out of our section to make 36. Glenn had to move across to other stall. Food down to nothing. Tea cup of rice, water, (fo?) stew. Two scrapes today.

June 12 - The Doctor has started operating on shrapnel wounds etc. Starting today we get bread twice per day. One fight today.

June 17 - Rain, no work. Red Cross sent out cigarettes yesterday, 5 cents for ten. 75 packs per section.

June 18 - Lonie Riddle was shot accidentally. Killed.

June 19 - The body was taken to town for cremation. The adjutant of barracks seven went to the brig for six months. Joe Walters went hay wire and is being held in brig.

June 20 - One fight. Marines found ration stew.

June 21 - No work this afternoon, baseball and sports.

June 22 - Evacuation of boat delayed. Everybody happy.

June 24 - Five cases of malaria in camp.

June 28 - Rain, no work. Bought pair of shoes for two dollars and forty cig. Got R.C. garden tools. Evacuation boat sailed today.

July 3 - Hottest day so far, clear & hot. Still planting beans chow short - need more salt.

July 4 - Received gift cig from Jimmie James tonight. Two bags of candy .35 cents apiece.

July 5 - Received 1 towel apiece & tooth past. Had amateur show tonight. Good.

July 6 - Lighting storm tonight. Bought another bag of candy. White took malaria.

July 7 - Sick as hell - stomach.

July 10 - Feeling better. Received our first R.C. cracked wheat.

July 11 - Still planting beans. Received R.C. straw hats.

July 12 - Minister out from Shanghai. Had amateur show.

July 13 - Received R.C. soap, cig & a few hats. Traded for 2 bars of soap - 20 cig. apiece.

July 15 - More R.C. tooth past, handkerchiefs etc. Bought 3 bars of candy 1.80 gold.

July 21 - Radio in our section. Received R.C. towels, Glenn won large bath towel.

July 23 - Terrible wind all last night & today, blew off part of our roofs.

July 24 - Several civilians got letters from home, everybody happy.

July 26 - Received 6 bibles per section. 6 fellows from four in brig for stealing canned goods. Barracks confined.

July 27 - Two men from three some from five caught for stealing canned goods. 4 stood attention for forenoon.

July 28 - Took seven men to town to be tried in military court.

July 29 - I weighted 74.8 (times 2.2 = 164.56)

Glenn 68.5 (times 2.2 = 150.70)

Walla - there you are done. Received 36 shirts and 7 shorts per section. Present from Jimmie James.

Aug. 1 - Received socks from R.C. Bought tennis shoes 53 cig.

Aug. 2 - Malaria getting bad. Only 15.00 quinine pills per month to camp.

Aug. 4 - Received 9 pairs of socks and 11 shorts per section from R.C.

Aug. 7 - 12 British left for repatriation. Each man has to kill five flies and 5 mosqowes per day.

Aug. 10 - Minister out of Shanghai. Received R.C. musical instruments, athletic equipment, boxing gloves, foot balls etc.

Aug. 13 - More R.C. I got shift and shorts, Glenn got shorts.

Aug. 14 - About 100 fellows got letters from home. No news.

Aug. 15 - Marine from barrack one got killed on electric fence.

Aug. 15 - Service for Marine very nice. Boxing every night.

Aug. 19 - Cholera shot

Aug. 20 - Weaver broke his ankle in four places over a cup of rice. Two of our men died in Shanghai yesterday, one with T.B. & one with cancer


Aug. 24 - Dutch Raspi got burned on fence - not serious.

Aug. 27 - The five who went to Shanghai to be tried came back to camp.

Aug. 28 - Fence claimed another life tuntsin (?) marine. Operation for appendix yesterday.

Aug. 29 - Received soap, cig., shirts & shorts - R.C. not enuf to go around.

Sept. 11 - Weighed 74.8 (times 2.2 = 164.56)  Glenn 150 pounds

Sept. 13 - R.C. shirt and two razor blades. Bought pajama tops 5 cig shorts womens undies and razor blade 10 cig

Sept. 14 - Bought small can of jam. 60 cents gold

Sept. 17 - Bought box of salt .40 gold.

Sept. 18 - 70 skilled men left camp for Japan

Sept. 22 - Glenn & I got two letters apiece from Ann and Aunt Molly. Sure glad to get them.

Sept. 26 - More good luck. Received two letters from Eddie & one from Aunt Laura. More R.C. cracked wheat.

Sept. 27 - Glenn got four letters from home. Glenn went to hospital with malaria and bad cold.

Sept. 28 - I got one letter from mother. Four more down at office.

Oct. 1 - Glenn got out of hospital

Oct. 3 - Col Yusi died today. Sorry he was ok. - rain, no work. bought two pounds of sugar 2 yen

Oct. 4 - Service for the col. No work.

Oct. 5 - Edd Nelson passed away this afternoon.

Oct. 6 - Service for Edd today. Ken & Gregory went to town with the body. Report good treatment. Show, dinner etc. Starting picking beans today.

Oct. 8 - Half tea cup of peanuts given us in memory of Col. Yussi

Oct. 9 - Received 30 R.C. cig apiece.

Oct. 10 - Had our first football game. Rats getting terrible - 3 in bed with me last night.

Oct. 11 - No work. Minister out from Shanghai good attendance.

Oct. 15 - Four letters - mom, dad, Bob & June. Sure glad. Good football game.

Oct. 19 - Walked into Woo Sung to dig ditch. 4 miles each way. Saw longest rack(?) train I ever saw 90 head. Worked next to Chinese prison camp. Beans & rice for lunch. barrack 3

Oct. 20 - Glenns Birthday. Went to Woo Sung to work again. Plenty tired. New col. arrived today. Exchanged for winter issue of clothing.

Oct. 21 - No work forenoon. New col. gave us a talk.

Oct. 22 - Went to Woo Sung again. Work getting harder.

Oct. 23 - Some of the boys took IQ tests, looks like work.

Oct. 25 - Some more fellows took trade examination. More to be taken tomorrow.

Oct. 27 - 35 men went to Shanghai to take trade examinations. Easy, they say.

Oct. 28 - We received a sweatshirt apiece from R.C. 3 pair of socks per section

Oct. 29 - Went to Woo Sung lumber yard to work today. Better than the canal. Someone stole my socks.

Nov. 1 - Sunday no work. Lowie Carr passed away yesterday - stroke - funeral service today. I made me a pair of mittens. More R.C. cracked wheat.

Nov. 2 - Made mittens & cap. Change in work plan. Most of sections stay in to clean up each day.

Nov. 3 - No work today - another bunch (70) of men left for Japan.

Nov. 4 - Bought a sweat shirt from Bernie for 100 cig.

Nov. 5 - Rain - 60 men went to Shanghai to clean up barracks for Enemie nationals.

Nov. 6 - Rain no work. Glenn went to Hospital - malaria & cold.

Nov. 8 - Sunday - no work. Glenn feeling better, one boy in hospital with lock jaw.

Nov. 11 - Glenn out of hospital. Got small piece of baloney, half loaf of black bread, 2 1/2 oz. of gum drops from R.C.

Nov. 12 - Got another small piece of baloney. moved four men into section making 36

Nov. 13 - Friday got two bars of soap, tooth brush & two packs of tooth powder apiece R.C. Chuck Helenger died today - dysentery

Nov. 15 - Musical show in rec. hall today very good

Nov. 17- Got letter from Eddie today. We sure appreciate them. Went to Woo Sung today.

Nov. 18 - Japanese correspondent was in camp today. The fellow that wrote the article about Corregdor.

Nov. 25 - Japanese took our blood test. Received one apple apiece from R.C. Tearing down barburge entanlement around camps.

Nov. 27 - 10 shirts, 10 pr. legins, 8 pr. wool legens per section. R.C. Spider & Lepinskie had a fight. I won pr. legens & Glenn bought a pr. for 40 cig.

Nov. 28 - Froze ice last night. Cold as hell. Six pairs of new wool breeches and 4 pairs of shoes per section today, R.C. We got nothing. Got paid today. I got 5.05 yen Glenn got 4.65 yen.

Dec. 2 - We are all getting packed and ready to move tomorrow. We have about ten miles to hike.

Dec. 3 - We moved today. We're near Shanghai & in a little better camp. It is in a terrible run down condition. I found five pair of socks.

Dec. 5 - We are cleaning up around camp. It begins to look better. Marines came in today.

Dec. 7 - 4 American pilots were brought into camp this morning. No one got a chance to talk to them. 100 fellows went to Woo Sung to unload red cross boat. Hope we get it soon.

Dec. 8 - Pilots loose.

Dec. 9 - Found a knife - got 8 Canadian R.C. packages per sect. Sure had a picnic. Some birthday I'll say.

Dec. 10 - Lost knife

Dec. 12 - Received red cross packs 1 per man - 1 can jam, butter, corn beef lunch meat, sardines, salmon, powdered milk, box hard tack, cheese, raisins prunes, sugar, salt, chocolate, tea. Jerry found my knife yesterday.

Dec. 14 - We rode to Woo Sung on train, walked through main street of Ki Wan.

Dec. 15 - Glenn received package from home. We were sure pleased. Received 2 pairs of socks & cap apiece from Red Cross. Rode to work on train again. Wake Island sailor died this morning, pneumonia.

Dec. 17 - Received another R.C. food pack, having blackouts now. Marines saw six Chinese executed.

Dec. 18 - Joe Marg made a good hot plate. Adjutant took it out. Bought 1 can powdered milk - 4 yen & 100 cig. More R.C. cracked wheat.

Dec. 14 - 34 Britishers from Hong Kong came into camp.

Dec. 22 - Went to work on Garden. Sick as hell.

Dec. 22 - Received from R.C. one American food pack, C.C.C. shave kit, one pound candy apiece, extra American smokes.

Dec. 25 - Had turkey Dinner with all the trimmings from R.C. & Jimmie James. Coffee, coco & cigars. Received cards from girls in Shanghai. Had church service at 3:00 P.M. a group went through camp all night singing Christmas carols. Had seven turkey for 36 men. 1 pie for 6 men, loaf of bread apiece.

Dec. 27 - One Britisher died yesterday. Buried 16 British in one grave today.

Dec. 30 - 3 1/2 day vacation started this afternoon. Had an inspection, Chinese stove returned.

Dec 31 - Paid today. I got 50 cent(?) & Glenn got 50. Received another American food pack.


Anchor 3

Jan. 1 - Happy New Year/ oh yeah stayed up till 1:30 eating & singing. Went all through camp carrying Spider in a yo yo bag (naked as the new year).

Jan. 5 - Mailed our 3rd letter home. Mailed the second on August 29th.

Jan. 8 - Japanese holiday worked all day picking up broken glass.

Jan 10 - No work - fires all day. Swiss Counsel was in camp today. three representatives. One fellow killed two sparrows with a bean flipper & fried them. Joe cooked a good mulligan on his stove. Stew is pure water.

Jan. 13 - Mississippi took an order for blasting powder to the office. I got booted in the pants.

Jan. 14 - Received R.C. bath towel & handkerchief apiece. Jack, Barry an few other carpenters got drunk. Norman got in a fight. Supposed to receive one ham per section. Don't know where they went.

Jan. 15 - Library opened today. Received one ham per section about 6 pounds. Glenn & I received a letter apiece from Todd.

Jan. 16 - Received American R.C. 2 pr. pants, 15 shirts, 4 pr. shoes, & underwear per section. Glenn & I got a shirt apiece. Cold as hell for last ten days. Everything froze up.

Jan. 17 - Got vaccinated for small pox. Had church today no turn out & plenty of trouble. Section leaders got orders about New project - Fuji Mountain.

Jan. 18 - Received 8 tangerines & a bowel full of nuts from R.C. Black out is on now & I'm witting by candle. Got 16 red sweat shirts R.C.

Jan. 20 - Bought 4 pounds of sugar at P.X. 4 yen one bottle soy sauce 3.50 yen. Made a can of orange marmalade. Received 16 pair of gloves per section, 14 sweaters & 2 undershirts. I got one of each. Glenn got under shirt & gloves.

Jan. 23 - Received from R.C. 8 1/2 ck 2 pound cans of jam per section.

Jan. 24 - No work. Every one weighed today. I weighed 171.6, Glenn weighed 154.66. I'm reading "Wright in Bombay" by Louis Bromfield.

Jan. 25 - Rain - No work - No fires - Inspection took out several stoves. The men carried a sign around - we broke floor hid wood, the stoves made us guilty.

Jan. 27 - Our first snow storm. Exchange of six. Got my shoes fixed, my ears are troubling me.

Jan. 28 - Still snowing, no work, fires all day, received a telegram from home dated Jan 8.

Jan. 29 - Received from R.C. 6 pr. shoe strings & 3 bottles of hand lotion per section. One large clock per barrack. Work in garden.

Jan. 30 - Got paid today. I got 1.00 yen. Glenn got .90

Jan. 31 - Received American food box. 1 pack old gold & 1 chesterfield.

Feb. 1 - No work, fire all day. Rainy. Received 8 ccc kits per section. We got 3 razor blades, tooth paste, soap & box & shave brush. I'm reading "Other Gods" by Peal S. Buck.

Feb. 9 - Went to power plant on cinder detail. Got aft. noon off.

Feb. 10 - Received Canadian food box, 1 pack of Raleigh cig. apiece, 1 - 2 pd. can of jam for four men.

Feb. 11 - Holiday - got aft. noon off. I'm reading "Seed" by Charles G. Norris.

Feb. 12 - Received 20 sweat shirts & 29 pr. corduroy pants per section. 11 mirrors per section. We got cords & sweat shirt apiece.

Jan. 13 - 2 jap barracks burned down today. Outside detail got in trouble over excepting hand bills from a missionary women. Women got hell I hear.

Feb. 14 - Church today - a Christian Reverend from Tokyo spoke a few words to us. He was very interesting. Reading "Tobacco Road" by Caldwell and "Brass" by Charles G. Norris.

Feb. 16 - We started on Mt. Fuji detail yesterday. Gunner Lee narrowly escaped a bayonet today. Saw how chinese make flower.

Feb. 21 no work - I'm reading "Doctor Hudsons Secret Journal" by Lloyd C. Douglas. Took our radio out Feb. 4.

Feb. 24 - The Chinese in barrack 5 have some sort of contagious disease. Section 1-2-3-4 are in quarantine.

Feb. 25 - Received R.C. 5 tangerines apiece.

Feb. 26 - Received R.C. one small ham per section. Japanese dedicated Mt. Fuji

Feb. 28 - Reid bet Papy that we would receive our base pay or over. Not counting army deductions. $30.00. I'm reading "The Webb and The Roack" by Thomas Wolf. No fire aft. today.

March 1 - Work hours lengthened. Work from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

March 3 - Received 6 pairs of R.C. cords to this section. Glenn won a pair. Weather cold & miserable working on Mr. Fuji.

March 4 - Got rice & bread both for lunch. I hope it a permanent arrangement. Had fire the last two evenings.

March 5 - Rain, no work. Inspection.

March 6 - Rain, cold & miserable as hell. Inspect. Got word that we would probably receive very little from R.C. from now on out.

March 7 - Sunday - no work cold & miserable. Done my working & bathed.

March 8 - Took all our stoves out. I bet Don a quart of the best that we wouldn't be free by July 4, 1943.

March 9 - received two R.C. boxes to each 3 men with two per section left over. Divided them. Also got 72 state side cig. apiece & a can of tobacco.

March 10 - Japanese army day. No work. Glenn & I worked 1/2 day leveling ball diamond. Joe Williams died last night. No. 13

March 12 - Pay day. They paid in C.R.B. Its 6 to one in yens. We got nothing.

March 13 - Received a little bacon per man. A handkerchief, shoe strings, socks & comb brush each from R.C.

March 14 - Weighed 76.8 (168.96) Glenn weighed 70.5 (155.10). Got typhoid shots today. I'm reading "You Can't Go Home Again" by Thomas Wolf. Received work that we are to receive from U.S. Gov. 54 yen or 300 C.R.B. per man per month. It won't be much. Bacon 20 C.R.B. per pound, shoes 450 pair, cords 250 pair etc.

March 20 - received one half pound of jam apiece R.C. bet Short a big dinner that he could quit the cigs. Lost a pint to him on another bet about convertibles.

March 25 - Received 5 tangerines apiece. 50 sacks of cracked wheat came in R.C. Bought a note book from officers for one yen.

March 27 - Rain, no work. I worked all day filling out by list of guitar cords. We have a horse, mule & two water buffalo in camp now. Tom Finurick takes care of them. They brought another American pilot into camp today. He is terribly sick with dysentery.

March 28 - Sunday - no work - pay day. Glenn & I got 6.00 C.R.B. apiece.

March 29 - Rain - I had to polish shells for the first time. Dang hard day.

April 3 - Holiday, I spend all day studying my guitar lessons. I'm drawing up a chord chart.

April 4 - Sunday. I spent all day practicing on the guitar. Marines are taking physical tests. We were given sample bags. Ordered a set of pictures from Joe Astarita. I'm reading "Green Light" by Loyde C. Douglas.

April 7 - Rain, no work. Marines had to polish shells. I'm reading "Disputed Passage" by Loyde C. Douglas.

April 9 - I bet Lee & Bill that they couldn't eat 3 American Red Cross Boxes apiece. Lee leaves out one pound of margarine & 1 1/2 cans of coffee. Beill leaves out two cans of coffee. Lee & I bet even money a turkey dinner & a drunk. Bill gave me odds of a dinner against dinner & drunk.

April 11 - Sunday, no work. Washed clothes and cleaned house. Received about one pound of solomy apiece from R.C.

April 13 - Received 1/2 pound of African jam apiece R.C.

April 14 - Had R.C. oat meal for breakfast - no good, 7 buckets of meal for 1500 men.

April 17 - Got our March pay. Glenn & I got 10.80 C.R.B. apiece. Canteen opened prices raised. Sugar 7.00 C.R.B. salt 3.00 C.R.B. soy sauce 33.00 C.R.B., about 4 oz. peanut butter 18.00 C.R.B.

April 18 - Received exchanged on dollar we turned in long ago. ex. 20.80 C.R.B. to me. Got cholera shot - Sunday No work. Reading "My Life & Loves" by Frank Harris

April 23 - Rain, no work - inspection. I'm reading "Modern Business & Gov." Alexander Hamilton in stitches. Oh - Oh - we're in for it. Someone broke into the gardens & stole some stuff. They really cleaned house for the officers.

April 4 - Only one meal today (& it half rations) the thieves are caught. One man from our barrack & one from five.

April 25 - Easter Sunday - received from R.C. two colored easter eggs apiece, one coffee cake apiece, four hundred chickens & 1,000 lbs. of noodles for the whole camp. Had boiled chicken & chicken noodle soup, & sweet potatoes, plenty good.

April 26 - Got caught out at Fuji in the rain - everyone got wet.

April 27 - I went to hospital with a bad cold. They put Collie & Smith in the brig. Smith got 10 day & Collie 20. No shoes or blankets & 80% rations.

April 29 - I got out of hospital. Emperors birthday - received 2 doughnuts. No work.

April 30 - No work. Had my head clipped. Reading "Forgive Us Our Trespasses" by Loyd C. Douglas. We wrote our fourth letter home.

May 1 - Got our summer issue of cloths.

May 2 - Canteen opened - we got 2 sacks of sugar 21 C R.B. 2 salt 6.00, jarr of jam 25.00 C.R.B.

May 3 - Joe shaved my head.

May 8 - We bought one small jar of peanut butter 20.00. I took a tetna shot.

May 9 - We have been working on pipe line for 4 days. Its Sunday & we had to work from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. One hour out for noon camp had their first base ball game. Glenn bought a very small sack of candy from a guard for 3.00 C.R.B.

May 10 - Received from R.C. - a straw hat & pair of straw slippers apiece. One water container per section.

May 12 - Received a good feed of beans with ham cooked in it from R.C.

May 14 - Received on ham per section. Glenn & I won 2 pair sun glasses & razor blades, one safety pin, 4 razor came into the section and one wash pan, all R.C. I'm reading "New Frontier" by Henry Wallace.

May 16 - Had a good meal of R.C. beans with a little ham in them. Pipe job done, going back to Fuji.

May 19 - Day off - our Sunday has been changed to Wednesday. Got our second dysentery shot today. We get to write a post card home today. Canteen opened & we bought 3 bags of sugar 21.00. Had another feed of R.C. beans. One Asian & 25 chinese are supposed to be released from camp soon.

May 20 - Chinese released. Had another feed of R.C. Beans. Some of the boys got caught in the Chinese bean patch and had to work each other over. Pat Driscoll passed away at 3:00 p.m. today, stomach ulcers.

May 22 - Front day - we had to but out 5 loads extra on each track, plenty hard.

May 23 - Rain - no work. Got our third dysentery shot.

May 25 - Rain, had to pick grass. Glenn, Short & some others got slapped r/nd little. R.C. trucks came in. I'm reading "Motivation to Live" by Loyde C. Douglas.

May 27 - Rain, 1/2 day work. We received about 2 oz. of R.C. bacon per man.

May 28 - Had a good feed of R.C. beans - Murph went to work.

May 29 - Layed in today sick. Received 1 full bar of sunlight soap & a towel apiece.

May 30 - Some of the fellows went on cinder detail & got to go through Shanghai.

May 31 - Went to Ki Wan to haul wood. Had good feed of beans.

June 1 - Cig. issue cut to 3 cigs a day. Received one half pound of jam apiece from African R.C. - Rain.

June 2 - Went to Shanghai to work on cider pile - 50 men went. Rest of camp farming.

June 3 - Had a good meal of beans. Rain - 1/2 day off.

June 5 - Rain - no work. I'm reading "The Menace of Fascism" by John Starkey.

June 6 - No work - we got weighed today. I weighed 164 - Glenn 152.24. Had memorial service in honor of our dead at 9:45 a.m. At 3:00 p.m. we had a musical show. It was very good. Had a good meal of R.C. beans tonight.

June 7 - Worked at Fuji and had another good meal of R.C. beans, 1 & 1/2 dipper per man.

June 9 - I am acting as section leader while Bill is sick, had a good meal of R.C. beans.

June 12 - Rain - no work. We had R.C. rolled oats for breakfast, noodles for dinner & beans for supper. 13 British prisoners from Hong Kong came in today.

June 13 - Sunday - no wood to cook with, chow very short. We bought 4 sacks of sugar (about 2 pounds) for $32.00, 1/2 pound of salt $4.00.

June 14 - We had 3 small pieces of R.C. bacon apiece. It is hot as hell here now.

June 17 - Had R.C. cream of wheat for breakfast. Bought a tube of state side tooth paste & a bar of soap for 30 cig.

June 18 - Worked on Japanese shrine today, its about 4 miles away. One Marine blew his top. Mark Streeter had a piece in the paper. Very unpopular.

June 19 - Received one bar of face soap apiece. Mr. Eagles was in camp & gave us some very good work abount soming R.C. supplies from U.S. He took a list of our needs.

June 21 - Signed application for $5,000 insurance in mutual life insurance co.

June 22 - We all got a post card to write home.

June 25 - Got about 4 oz. of Russian cheese apiece, about 2 oz. of sugar. Lee Johnson has been beri beri. I'm reading "This above All" by Eric Knight. We're getting 40 pounds of meat for 1500 men per day.

June 27 - We get R.C. calf bran for breakfast now. We had small bowl of prunes this morning. Got typhoid shot. I was section leader & passed out right in front of inspection party. Went to hospital.

June 29 - Col. came out & caught the men going to Fuji in the rain, he called them back & raised hell with authorities. Chow is really short. I'm reading "The Gate of Happy Sparrows" by Danielle Vaseck? and Thunder on the Range. The doctors have found that about 80% of us have worms. they dewormed us as fast as possible. One guy coughed up one about 10 inches long.

July 4 - One deuce of a fourth. I got out of hospital today. We had Irish potatoes and beets for supper.

July 6 - I got a rest pass for seven days (influenza). I have to take code liver oil for 14 days. I'm reading "Meet the South American" by Carl Crow.

July 7 - Holiday - 6 years of war in China - the fellows had to pick grass for a half day. We are only getting 4 sacks of rice per day now & 3/4 of 1/3 of loaf of bread. Its slow starvation.

July 11 - Sunday - We had cracked wheat for breakfast & about 1/2 pound of boiled tongue apiece & pork gravy for dinner. All R.C. The mush had alittle sugar in it. I've lost about 6 more pounds. Our guitar has gone back into camp use. I sure hate to lose it. We have to salute all Japanese now. Soldiers and all. They came through & woke everyone up today to make them salute.

July 13 - I had to go back to work today. It sure poured rain. I hope I don't catch cold. I won a pair of R.C. shorts and Glenn got a shirt & bar of soap. Starting today we get an hour & half noon. Get out 28 loads.

July 14 - We received one pair of socks apiece, R.C. I layed in today with stomach cramps. It poured rain until it was about 8 inches deep all over. Glenn sure got wet. Wrote card home.

July 15 - We were informed that Pat Herdon got 2 years hard labor. Had inspection by a big shot doctor, everything okay he says.

July 17 - Britisher fell of a car at Fuji & broke his back & pelvis bone. One or more pass out every day now. Chow terribly short. The big heat is on but it rains every day.

July 21 - Shake up in gally. Clemy, Pat & Phil got kicked out - Frowler, Clancy & Gordon are supposed to go in.

July 22 - Japanese commander in chief of all China inspected our camp today. We're having air raid practice & black outs.

July 25 - I'm reading "All this and Heaven Too" by Rachel Field. I've had stomach trouble for a month. Pretty sick today.

July 27 - Had R.C. meat & gravy for supper, about 4 oz.

July 28 - Received 4 oz. meat apiece, a towel, handkerchief & bar of soap apiece. I got a shirt. Glenn got shorts & tooth powder. R.C. Glenn got a 3 day rest pass for infected ear. Got payed 13.70 C.R.B. apiece. Bought about 3/4 lb. of peanut butter $36.00.

Aug. 1 - Got Cholorea shot. Genn got his pass renewed for 3 days. Chow is a little better. They have weighed in 3 tons vegetables out of our garden.

Aug. 2 - Starting today we only get out 25 loads a Fuji. We get in at about 4:30 p.m. its pretty hot now.

Aug. 3 - Had potatoes & gravy tonight, a dipper & one half apiece. It was sure good. The R.C. sent in 1500 lbs. of potatoes & 2100 lbs of dryed onions. We really needed them.

Aug. 4 - Five spent slugs dropped amongest the men at Fuji.

Aug. 5 - A spent slug dropped through roof of barracks four. It dropped right beside a fellow.

Aug. 6 - Two slugs dropped off Fuji today. One right beside Ken Hoffmen.

Aug. 8 - Took dysentery shots. A group of skilled men are leaving for somewhere. I'm reading "The Bruiser" by Jim Tulley.

Aug. 11 - We're having a terrible wind & rain storm. The guard towers are all blowing down. We had red cross beans & bacon for supper. Glenn & I got a bar of soap apiece, a pair of socks each. Glenn got a tooth brush. R.C. No inspection this morning, first time in 20 months. Early inspection tonight, no power.

Aug. 12 - Only two meals today - but better than usual - still no power. Storm has let up some. We got paid for July. I got $13.70, Glenn got $15.55.

Aug. 13 - Friday. Had inspection at 3:00 a.m. someone snooping in officers garden. The boys are all getting set to leave. Cleaned up some storm damage at Fuji.

Aug. 14 - Glenn & I went in special detail. Guss Car ect. R.C. bean & bacon for supper. Power came on.

Aug. 16 - Had temporary filling in two cavities today. The trip to Japan was postponed indefinitely. I'm reading "Keys of the Kingdom" by Cronin.

Aug. 19 - The fellows are all getting set to leave tomorrow. We had sweet pumpkin & potatoes & graby tonight. We're on special Fuji again. I've been sick at the stomach for two days.

Aug. 20 - Fellows left for Japan, sure hated to see some of them go. We moved to section 5. I was made section leader. 28 men per section. The Guam boys have first four sections of our barracks.

Aug. 21 - R.C. cow peas for supper. Chow is much better so far since the boys left. R.C. brought in a truck load of vegetables. I'm reading "K" by Marry Roberts Renihard.

Aug. 23 - Had R.C. peas for supper. Had alittle trouble with Shorty 3.

Aug. 24 - Got our cig. taken away for 30 days (Barrack 3 only) Glenn has come down with a bad case of malaria. He has terrible chills.

Aug. 25 - Glenn is passing pure blood and plenty sick. They took him to the hospital. We get to write another letter home.

Aug. 26 - Had a few R.C. lima beans.

Aug. 28 - Had another R.C. sandwich.

Aug. 30 - 141 R.C. chow boxes were taken from outside compound & given back to us. I'm reading "My Son My Son" by Howard Spring.

Aug. 31 - We had R.C. cracked wheat with prunes & hot chocolate for breakfast. Cheese & noodles for supper. Glenn got out of hospital, got a four day pass.

Next few entries Out of sequence???

Sept 2 - Had Coco for breakfast & corned beef hash (made with R.C. potatoes) for supper. Rained today & we had to polish shells.

Sept 3 - Coffee for breakfast. R.C. beans for supper. We bought 1/2 pound of peanut butter $19.50, 2/3 pound of salt $2.00.

Sept 4 - Had pilchards in our rice for supper. Got to write another letter home. We were told that exchange boats were leaving soon. We went on new hours the first. 6:30 rev., 8:00 a.m. work, 8:00 p.m. inspection, 9:30 bed. Chow short as hell.

Sept. 10 - R.C. bought in 1 ton beans, 1600 bls. ham, noodles, cracked wheat and alittle other stuff. 50 some letters. Nip & Wappo had a big fight last night. Nip won.

Sept11 - We got one hankerchief, a pair of socks & a bar of soap apiece. R.C. I'm reading "What can a Man Believe" by B. Barton.

Sept. 19 - A Japanese prince, the vice president of Japanese R.C. inspected our camp. I'm reading "The king Who Was a King' by H.G. Wells.

Sept. 24 - I'm reading "Pan in the Parlour" by M. Lindsay. I weighed 150.2 lbs. Chow hasn't yet got as short as is was before the fellows left.

Sept. 26 - We all weighed - I at 149, Glenn 133 lbs. R.C. brought in 1 ton beans. _____ l. bacon, 50 sacks of cracked wheat & other small things. Got 40 cigs. & alittle loose tobacco. R.C.

Sept. 30 - Got paid. I got 17.85, Glenn 10.20 C.R.B. Start on winter time tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. Rev. 8:10 work. 5:00 guit, 7:30 p.m. insp., 9:30 bed.

Oct. 2 - John Garrison died of cancer. I'm reading "What are we to do with Our Lives" by H.G. Wells. I cooked up a good mess of beans that we picked.

Oct. 7 - Received R.C. towel, soap & Lux tooth paste. Had a big feed of beans that we swiped. Tonight 1/2 lb. of peanut butter $9.50. Finished 9-meter mark at Fuji tomorrow. Had our cig. issue cut off again.

Oct. 10 - 201 Italians were brought into camp off the Coufet De Verdi & a gun boat. They are very optimistic.

Oct. 11 - Bought 1/2 peanut butter 19.50.

Oct. 12 - Had a big party at Fuji on completion of 9 meter. Races of all kinds, OK. R.C. brought in 1 ton of beans, 1/2 ton of meat, mush, noodles, 80 lbs. peanut butter, etc. A few socks, towels & shoe soles.

Oct. 13 - Received R.C. sweater apiece, socks, handkerchief, shoe laces & soap. Glenn got a pair of long drawers.

Oct. 14 - Got our cig. issue back. Bought a jar of peanut butter 1950. Italians went to Fuji.

Oct. 16 - Got paid. I got $17.85 C.R.B., Glenn $15.30. Bought 1/2 lb. of P.B. $19.50 & 1 oz. jar of orange butter $22.00. Holiday in honor of unknown soldier.

Oct. 17 - A group of Japanese young men & girls went through camp today. Had a big feed of little brown beans that we picked of?CK the Chinese.

Oct. 18 - Got our Japanese winter issue of clothing. Had a German picture show on the ball diamond. Couldn't understand the show but the American comedy was good. Mom's birthday.

Oct. 20 - Glenns birthday - Rainy. Glenn polished shells in afternoon. Bought 1 lb. salt $4.00 C.R.B.

Oct. 24 - Sunday, had a big meal of Raviola's, tea, cup of rice, bowl of good burned rice & 1 1/2 clem can of beans that we picked. Sure full.

Oct. 25 - Poor R.C. day - no beans. 2500 lbs ground corn, 25 sacks cracked wheat, 1000 lbs of bacon, 400 lbs. grease (lard).

Oct. 26 - Bought 1 lb. peanut butter $39.00 ($19.50?). R.C. vegetable truck came in.

Oct. 30 - They brought in 3 aviators, 2 American & one chinese. They don't talk to encouraging. Got 2 bars of soap, tooth brush, shave soap, etc. R.C.

Nov. 3 - We had a field day today. Birthday of ex-Japanese emperor. It was good fun & many prizes were given. Glenn & I got 2/3 lb. peanut butter, 50 soda crackers, 20 cigs. Didn't get in from Fuji till 7:00 p.m. yesterday. They had to do 27 load on big mountain, had 2 gigmores apiece for supper.

Oct. 4 - Swiss Council Rep. inspected camp today. No one got to talk to him. Got an apple & bacon for supper. R.C.

Nov. 7 - Sunday - Rainy & cold. We're all miserable from cold & lack of food. We get breakfast - one dipper of mush, dinner tea cup of rice & dipper of poor stew, supper tea cup of rice & dipper of stew.

Prices - bread $10.00 a loaf; cig $5.00 to $7.00 for 20; one apple $5.00.

Nov. 10 - Very poor R.C. day. 1000 lb. balony; 1000 sweet spuds; 400 lbs. grease; some winter clothing.

Nov. 13 - Glenn & I got a winter cap apiece. 5 pair of cords per section.

Nov. 14 - Sunday, rainy. Tried to cook some Kaffi corn - no luck.

Nov. 15 - Glenn polished shells for Blacky for $15.00. We got four doughnuts apiece. Sweed is selling coffee for $1.50 per cup.

Nov. 16 - Had mush, a doughnut & coffee for breakfast. Some go?

Nov. 17 - Rainy, windy & cold. Glenn & I got up in middle of night to make our bunk double.

Nov. 18 - Windy & terrible cold. Had to get 100 extra me at Fuji.

Nov. 19 - Froze ice for first time last night. Icy cold wind blowing.

Nov. 20 - Still cold. Jack Taylor, Steve & others left for Japan. Coats is our new adj. with Fryberg as assistant. Blacky made sec. leader in sec. 7. Peanut butter raised to $41.00 lb., bought 2 lbs. $82.00.

Nov. 21 - Sunday - everyone on sewing. Its alittle warmer.

Nov. 23 - We got nine Japanese overcoats for this section. Glenn nor I neither one got one.

Nov. 25 - Thanks giving. I'm thinking of home & very thankful to be alive and an American. We had good gravy with meat gizordss & half cup of sweet potato jam. Glenn & I bought a loaf of bread apiece & saved a pound of peanut butter. Saved our full rice for supper too. Pretty full right now. R.C. trucks came in 25 bags of mush, 1 ton of beans, 1000 lbs. meat (bacon), 400 lbs. grease.

Nov. 27 - 12 pair of heavy blue pants came into the sec. I got one pr. We've got our stoves but can't burn them yet.

Nov. 28 - Sunday, cold & dreary. Got small pox vaccination.

Nov. 30 - 29 new Italians from north China came into camp.

Dec. 1 - New hours, 7:30 revielle, 9:00 work, 4:30 quite work (except Fuji) 5:30 gates close, 7:30 p.m. roll call, 9:30 taps. Weather warm for past few days. All out at Fuji now. 25 rest passes received yesterday.

Dec. 3 - One year in this camp. Mr. Eagles of the R.C. inspected camp. Said to expect boxes last of this month & that we would not be traded for. Gave us our Christmas menu. Very good.

Dec. 5 - Sunday clear & cold. Got 3 doughnuts apiece. Bet Shorty a quart on date that we receive our first R.C. box. He says Dec 28 1943; I bet Dec. 31, '43.

Dec. 8 - Two years of war, big front day. 32 loads on circular tracks & 41 on others. First detail got in at 5:50 p.m. & second at 7:00 p.m. - cold & clear.

Dec. 9 - My birthday. I traded details with Andy. Had very little to eat Fish chowder for supper, terrible bony. Swiped a bunch of rice sweepings. Pay day. We got $18.70 C.R.B. apiece. Warmer.

Dec. 10 - Best R.C. day we've had. 1 ton beans, 25 sacks corn meal, 25 sacks cracked wheat, 50 boxes of noodles, 100 gallons of lard, 100 lbs. of tongue, 4 cases tomato puree & some winter cloths.

Dec. 12 - Sunday - got to start our fires. Hours - Roll call to 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. to roll call 7:30. 201 Italians left camp for Shanghai (good). Got weighted - myself 146 lbs. Glenn 132 lbs. Wrote a card home, mailed 15th.

Dec. 15 - 11 pr. of blu pants came into sec. Glenn got a pr., got soap & tooth brush for each man. Weather warm.

Dec. 16 - Track crew all got overcoats, weather is warm & nice.

Dec. 20 - Adj. & sec. leaders went to a show put on for the Jap. guards. It was terrible.

Dec. 22 - Eddie Cook is a T.B. suspect. We're taking up a collection to get him food. Got him 2 lbs. peanut butter. Had a real state side stew tonight. Meat, potatoes, carrots, etc. Japanese contractors gave the track crew 2 1/2 cookies apiece & sweet drink. Track crew came in at noon. Bought 1 lb. peanut butter for Xmas $41.00.

Dec. 23 - Adj. sec. leaders etc. were given a show. Same picture as before.

Dec. 24 - Half days work at Fuji. Got part of our R.C. Xmas stuff. 12 pieces of candy, 1 3/4 apples, 2 tangerines, 11 wall nuts apiece, 10 cig. 8 fellows got packages from home. Lots of mail apiece from on interment camp in Shanghai


Dec. 25 - Plenty full for a change. 2 dippers of mush, 2 doughnuts & coffee for breakfast. Threeforths pound of pot roast, beef gravy, pea soup, carrots & A peas, candied sweet potatoes & apple pie & coffee for dinner. Rice & tea for supper. Lots of men sick. Bought 1/2 lb. peanut butter.

Dec. 26 - Sunday. 150 men had to go to work. Had a good show, put on by some of our own talent. Got a cablegram yesterday from chief of staff Msshaleck? & one from International R.C. headquarter, Geneva, Switzerland.

Dec. 26 - No. R.C. shipment. Boy we'll pay for Xmas dinner.

Dec. 29 - Got shook down for wood. No more to be carried in.

Dec. 31 - No work except cleaning up. Bought 1 lb. peanut butter, $41.00. Bought a loaf & half of bread 60 cig.

Anchor 4


Jan. 1 - Fire all day. I'm sick as hell with diarrhea. Got one apple & two doughnuts apiece. Five new prisoners came in. Aviators. Got a good meat stew for supper.

Jan. 2 - Sunday, no work. Fires all day. I'm still sick.

Jan. 4 - Rain - shell detail. I got a two day pass. Pilots were turned loose. Everyone is questioning them.

Dec. 7 - About 15 loads of coal came in the last few days. (30 to 40 tons). Chow cut again. I'm so hungry can hardly go. Weather clear, cold & windy.

Dec. 8 - Took our mail to Shanghai, don't know when we'll get it. A bunch went to the brig for dealing at Fuji, came in at 3:00 p.m. to take typhoid shots. Every other day we get only two thirds load of bread. Fires at 4:00 p.m.

Dec. 9 - Sunday, fire all day.

Dec. 10 - R.C. day - 1000 lbs. bacon, one ton beans, 42 boxes of noodles, 37 sacks of cracked wheat. 3 cases tomato pure. Got a bunch in brig for dealing at Fuji. Lost our Sunday fires, sec. 3 got caught with a fire after 9:00 p.m.

Jan. 13 - Fellows tried - got sentence ranging from 5 to 30 days.

Jan. 14 - I got a letter from dad - July 10 - 1942. Tickeled to get it.

Jan. 18 - 5 fellows got out of the brig. Small increase in Fuji rice issue. Started ex. for T.B. yesterday found one out of first 28 boys.

Jan 20 - Rain. Got dewormed.

Jan. 23 - Sunday - all day fires. Cooked the last of our rice & some onions we picked at Fuji. Cloudy & warm.

Jan. 24 - R. C TRUCK CAME IN. 1000 lbs. ham; 500 lbs. beef; one ton beans; 1000 lbs. corn meal; 500 bls shorts;ck 1 bag sugar; one bag salt; 72 doz. prs. cotton socks; 300 lbs. tangerines & 1 large barrel lard.

Jan. 29 - A chinese has been laying along road for 4 days. Dead today. Fried corn meal & syrup for breakfast - very good. Chow better. Weather rainy & cold.

Jan. 30 - Beds not made up for inspection - lots of trouble. No fires all day. Sunday no work. Butchered six of our hogs.

Feb. 1 - Anniversary of our internment. Had a speech & a few of the best workers etc. got cig. I got 100 powerbrand cigar boxes and bowl of burned rice for 10 cigs. Had fires all day. Glenn got two letters, one from dad dated Feb. 7 1943 & one from June, dated Jan. 1943. Sure tickled to get them. The pictures are really swell. Had a good pork "gravy stew" for supper. Practically no breakfast or dinner.

Feb. 2 - Rainy & cold - had to work making grass rope caught hay fever.

Feb. 3 - Almost sick in bed, have hay fever something terrible. Still rainy.

Feb. 6 - Sunday - Fires till 10:00 A.M. Got stationary to write home on. We think its a good sign for our food boxes. Clear & cold.

Feb. 7 - Got Japanese issue of face soap (1 bar each) & tooth powder. Had one of the best sleeps in two years tonight ham & lima beans.

Feb. 9 - R.C. day. 2000 lbs. beans, 2000 lbs rolled oats, 1000 lbs corn meal, 1200 lbs bacon & tongue, 50 cases of noodles.

Feb. 11 - Holiday. Birth of Emperor, Japanese gave us 700 apples. Will be put out Sunday in mush.

Feb. 12 - Our sec. got T.B. ex. Glenn & I ok. 1/2 tongue apiece for supper. Got out last issue of bread. Bakery burned down their trying to fix our bakery here in camp up.

Feb. 13 - Got our apples in the mush this morning. o.k. Weather clear & nice.

Feb. 14 - Bread came in from somewhere.

Feb. 15 - Got pd. Glenn - $25.20; myself - $22.40. Bought 1 lb. peanut butter $40.00 & 1 pint soy sauce $10.00. Got a tea cup of rice in place of bread, short deal. Our sec. got burned rice & I got seconds on beans - plenty full.

Feb. 17 - Guard got his leg broke at Fuji, bank caved off on him.

Feb. 18 - Issued 7 sacks of flower in place of rice for supper, cooks make steamed dumplings - pretty doughy but not so bad.

Fed. 21 - Got my head clipped. Clear, windy & cold.

Feb. 25 - R.C. brought in 1 ton lima beans, 1000 lb. bacon, 7 himd quarters of beef, 1000 lbs. corn meal , 1000 lb. pearl balnoey, 500 lb. lard, got a loaf of steamed bread today, sure good. Weather clear & cold. Lard 500 lbs.

Feb. 27 - Got weighed. Myself 66.9 - Glen 63. Salt came in canteen 1/4 lb. per man for $2.00.

March 1 - Hours changed - revelry 7:00 a.m., work 8:30, taps 10:00 p.m., inspection 8:00 p.m. 50 men volunteered for Mechanics detail. Spring weather.

March 2 - Got our first bread from bakery. 1/2 loaf - pretty good. Had a good beef stew & noodles separate.

March 4 - Bet Short a pie apiece for three of us with five fippers icecream on each that barracks three would get at least five letters tomorrow.

March 5 - Lost the bet to Short. Sunday - windy. Each man got an issue of salt from canteen 3/4 of tea cup for $2.00 C.R.B. apiece. Peanut butter went up to $52.00 C.R.B. per pound.

March 10 - Japanese army day. Workedat Fuji, snow flurries & cold as _ _ _ _. Got our letters finally. Glenn got 47. Myself 56. Boy are we pleased. The pictures are sure great. We spent all evening reading, haven't finished yet. Last day of fires except by special permission. R.C. day. 50 cases of noodles, 20 sacks mush, 3 cases of tomato puree, 1 sack sugar, 1 sack salt, ham 1000 lbs., 8 beef rounds, 5.00 lbs.

March 11 - Got pd. $26.60 apiece.

March 12 - Surprise. Sunday & fires all day. Best day in ages. Spent it reading letters by the fire. Bought an issue of soy sauce 10.00. 9 men layed off track gang. Went on chow detail. Had 2 1/2 plain and 1 1/2 glazed doughnuts for breakfast. Plenty good. Bakery proving O.K.

March 13 - Got it pretty straight that the food boxes are in Woo Sung. Everybody excited. Peanut butter up to $62.00 lb.

March 14 - Glenn is terrible sick. Came in from Fuji with chow cart. Thru up all over the floor at inspection. Went to hospital. A 50 man detail went to docks to unload R.C. boat.

March 15 - Barrack 2, 3, & 4 went to docks to load boxes on flat car. 7 broken one's came into camp. Glenns feeling better.

March 17 - Boy oh Boy. Big Day. Got our first American Boxes. It is sure a dandy. Glenn got out of hospital.

March 19 - Sunday. Got issued our shoes, sure fine. I got a good fit but Glenn didn't. Sold some corned beef & bought 2 cans of jam & 1/2 lb. peanut B.

March 20 - Glenn exchanged shoes & got a good fit.

March 25 - R.C. day. Beans 2000 lbs., 1 barrel lard, bacon 500 lbs., beef 500 lbs., 280 lbs. corn meal, 360 lbs. pork barrels, 2 bags walnuts, 34 bake pans.

March 26 - Got weighed, myself 69.4 (times 2.2 = 152.68) Glenn 63.5 (times 2.2 = 139.70). Scrambled eggs with ham and four small bread rolls for breakfast. 3 oatmeal cookies, bread & beans for supper. Pretty good I'd say. The R.C. box is about gone.

March 27 - Got issued one wool blanket apiece, one pair of coveralls, 1 shirt, 2 pairs of wool socks & 2 hankies. Sure fine. Bought one issue soy sauce $10.00.

March 28 - Got more A.R.C. issue. Tooth brushes, tooth powder, combs, razors blades, sewing kits, shave cream & laundry soap. Almost enuf for one to each man.

March 29 - We got a telegram from Mrs. Testers saying we would receive our salary.

April 2 - Sunday, had to work. Building fox holes for Janese guards. Sweet rolls for breakfast with mush. Stew & rice for dinner. Gravy & bread for supper.

April 6 - Got wet as hell coming in from Fuji. Bought two cans clem for 10 packs of state side apiece.

April 8 - Got our second box today. Camp is in an uproar. Everybody trading. We got 3 extra cans of clem for 30 packs of state side. R.C. truck came in. 2000 lbs beans. 50 boxes noodles, 3 cases tomato puree, 500 lbs pearl barly, 500 lb. rolled parly, 500 lb. bacon, more than 500 lb. beef, 50 lb. garlic, 4 baskets of easter eggs. 6 of us had a good hash baked in the bakery.

April 9 - Easter Sunday. Had rolled oats & hot cross buns for breakfast. One cup of rice & no stew for dinner, bread, tomaote soup, vegetable stew & beef & noodle stew supper, one dipper each. Got 50 eggs to the section (28 men) & 13 wall nuts per man. Also 5 cig. apiece. Cloudy & warm. Guam boys are having a big dance in next section.

April 10 - Got letters from home. All old - 1942. I got 10 & Glenn 11. We bothed topped the list again.

April 14 - Finished the last Mt. at Fuji. Only mopping up operations left.

April 16 - Sunday, no work. Weather nice. Bought half pound of peanut butter & ate it all. Had our second corned beef, rice loaf (good). Two fellows went to sleep by rec. hall until after p.m. inspection. Quite a rumpus.

April 17 - Rain, no work for me. I'm reading "Zest" by C. Norris. The fellows that left yesterday were trying to escape. Pretty tough for them.

April 18 - We got work that our food boxes would come through the glley from now on due to the attempted escape.

April 20 - 20 men went down to the Shanghai internment camp to look at their garden. They got a real feed. News good. We think we will receive our R.C. boxes the same as before.

April 23 - Sunday, rainy. We had rolled oats with eggs in it for breakfast. 2 1/2 sweet rolls, sure good. There is two pamphlets in the library on treatment prisoners should receive. Sure don't sound like us. Track gang got cut down. Glenn got let off. We're baking some corned beef gismos for our sec. in the oven, plenty good.

April 24 - Cold & windy. Glenn went on brick gang. My R.C. box about gone.

April 25 - Japanese army memorial day. NO work for Fuji men. R.C. truck came in, 1 ton lima beans, 7 quarters of beef, 3 sacks of corn meal, 3 sacks of bran, 3 sacks of barley, 2 cases of tomato puree, 1 barrel of lard, 1 case of boulion, 1 basket of salt.

April 27 - Wrote a letter home by request tell of conditions here in camp.

April 29 - Emperors birthday, no work. We got an apple apiece from the Japanese. They butchered yesterday & we had a good pork gravy, a cup of rice, a loaf of bread and some very good sweet potatoes for supper. Spent all day making a frying pan.

page entry between Feb. 1 and Feb. 2 1944



Class Ring $12.00

Knife $ 1.50

Bill Fold $ 2.00

Cords $ 2.50

Gram pants $ 1.50

Bake pants $ 3.00

Trunks $ 1.50

Tee Shirts $10.00

Logger Shoes $ 8.00

Oxfords $ 3.00

Tennee Shoes $ 1.00

Archs Shoes $ 1.50

Underwear $ 3.00

Socks $ 2.00

Suit Case $ 3.50

Trunk $ 5.00

Shaving Kit $ 5.00

Work Boots $ 5.00

Work Boots $ 8.00

Hat $ 3.00

Leather Coat $ 7.50

Sweat Shirt $ 1.50

Fountain Pen $ 2.00

Diary Book $ 1.50



Prices - March ?? 1942

One third loaf of bread .50

Chinese Cigarettes paid .50 cents

Lucky Strikes 1.62

Plug of chewing 5.00

Yen 7.50 for

one quarter pound butter .50 cents

half cup salt .50

Prices - April 19, 1942

Lucky - carton $25.00

Bread .50 cents or one yen

Ten cups of rice - six Cigarettes

stew seconds - 5 Cigarettes

Every one has to work now.

Prices - April 27, 1942 - Canteen opened

Salt 2.20 yen

Sugar 1.40 ??one

Cigarette .20 for ten.

Pepper 1.55

Coffee 11.70 per lb

Coco 10.70

Jam 1.40


April 20 - took physical ex. 6 foot tall, weight 156 lbs. chest ex 10". Glen height 5 foot 8 inches, weight 140 pounds, two figure weight multiply by 2.2

Height divide by 2.5


July 29 - I weighted 74.8 (times 2.2 = 164.56)

Glenn 68.5 (times 2.2 = 150.70)


June 6 - I weighed 164 - Glenn 152.24.

Sept. 24 - I weighed 150.2 lbs.

Sept. 26 - We all weighed - I at 149, Glenn 133 lbs. R.C.

Dec. 12 - Got weighted - myself 146 lbs. Glenn 132 lbs.


Feb. 27 - Got weighed. Myself 66.9 - Glen 63.

March 26 - Got weighed, myself 69.4 (times 2.2 = 152.68) Glenn 63.5 (times 2.2 = 139.70.

April 15 - Got back our yen that we turned in two months ago. Ex. 3.05 to one. Marine officers are buying their food now. They got hot coffee, roast pork, french fried spuds.


Lucky - carton $25.00

Bread .50 cents or one yen

Ten cups of rice - six Cigarettes

stew seconds - 5 Cigarettes

Every one has to work now.

April 20 - took physical ex. 6 foot tall, weight 156 lbs. chest ex 10". Glen height 5 foot 8 inches, weight 140 pounds, two figure weight multiply by 2.2

Height divide by 2.5

April 19 - Glen drew and got 1/4 pound of margarine for 50 cents. We sure had a feast today.

April 21 - We were given a concert by a Japanese military band. It was very good.

April 24 - Received our first red cross donation. Nines pairs of socks for each section = 38 men.

April 26 - Sunday, stormy. We got our first coloera shot today. All the adjutants got to go to town and see a ball game, have dinner beer etc. propaganda points.

April 27 - Canteen opened.

Salt 2.20 yen

Sugar 1.40 ??one

Cigarette .20 for ten.

Pepper 1.55

Coffee 11.70 per lb

Coco 10.70

Jam 1.40

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Several excerpts from Emmett's letter's home while waiting in Guam after the war. After serving his country from Dec. 7 of 1941 to September of 1945, was over two long months before he was able to get home.

Sept. 17, 1945

Dear Family,

I am very happy to at last be allowed to write & let you know that we are both O.K. I am in Tokyo air base trying to catch a plane out. Glenn is out in the bay on a transport.

I just got work that I have to go back to the boat for tonight. Leave here by plane in the Morning.

Have to Leave, Good By, Love, Son.

Sept. 23, 1945

Dear Mom & Dad,

Well here we are again, in Guam this time. We had tough luck & lost out on flying due to a big storm, we are on one of the slowest transports in the navy I think & traveling in a slow fifteen boat convoy.

I hope to be able to go back on the ranch & stay there, as if offers the most complete freedom of anything I know of & that is certainly what I'm looking for now that I'm back to normal life. I should start in a normal way & say send me some coin. I'm flat and I don't know where we will be but we expect to get alittle pay soon, if not we certainly know how to get along without it.

I lost two teeth coming in on the boat.

Sept. 25, 1945

Dear Mom,

We don't know how long we will be here, but it may be a week or more at least. They are only taking out 70 or 80 a day by plane & there must be 1200 or better here. They may run in a boat & get us but we hope not, as it would take 16 or 17 days to get there by boat. Also these transports are very unpleasant.

I finally got ahold of $25 good old U.S. gold, so we have enuf money to provide for all of our needs. Everything is given us by the red cross if we want, but I would much rather pay my way now that I am in a position to do so. The red cross is a wonderful organization mom. I will do my best but can never repay them for all they have done in the last four years. They probably saved my life and certainly my health with the food they managed to somehow get in to us. They were certainly bucking a tough job trying to get anything past those Japs. They have alot of Jap prisoners here and I am very proud to see the way they are treated. It is wonderful to belong to a country that recognizes one another. After the way they treated us I hate even the thought of them, but they have the physical traits of the human race so should be treated as such.

Sept. 26, 1945

Well the boat sailed with Glenn & Bill on broad and left me sitting here. I don't know why I wasn't on the list but that is the way it goes. There is rumor of another boat leaving tomorrow so I will probably catch it, if not I'll probably get a plane in the next few days. I hate being split with Glenn as we wanted to get home together.

They brought in another bunch of ex P.O.W.'s. Their story is identical to ours and makes very tiresome listening, especially when you have heard them 5 million times or more.

No work on whether we are sailing or not.

Sept. 28, 1945

I suppose Glenn & Bill are well out to sea by now. I wish I were with them. We had no work of leaving today but I'm sure it won't be long. There are alot of boats going out in the next few days.

Sept. 30, 1945

Still no luck, they took out three small groups this morning but I can't seem to hit. They feed us alot of bunk about travel priority & all that, but the same as everything else its just blarney to feed the public. Their even flying the Canadians out first, you know, International good will and all that stuff. There is suppose to be several ships leave in the next week so I will surely catch one of them.

Oct. 1, 1945

So far we have had no word at all about what kind of settlement we are going to get. Seems strange to me that we don't hear something but I am sure we will get a fair deal.

I am having trouble with my ears. I had one ear drum perforated during the war & have had alot of trouble with infection in it every since. It started bothering me again yesterday & if it doesn't let up by tomorrow I'll have to see the doctor about it I suppose.

I just drank about five glasses of chocolate milk & ate a half dozen doughnuts so I'm not hungry but I eat because I can't seem to help it.

There it suppose to be three planes go out in the morning but it is raining hard so they might be held up.

Oct. 2, 1945

Well the planes left this morning but I am still here. There aren't many left of the group I came in with so they should get me pretty soon.

Oct. 4, 1945

Well I am still here & it looks as if I will be for a few days. My chances of flying out are practically nil now. It has got to a point where its all politics now and we have no one here to represent us so we are just out of luck. There is to be a large group of transports in tomorrow or the next day & the transportation officer told me I should go out on one of them. They are suppose to sail the 8th. I suppose Glenn is getting near the states by now. I wanted very much to get home together but it looks as if it would be impossible.

Everytime you turn around they feed you and I'm beginning to show it. This place is getting almost unbearable, there is nothing to do to pass the time and I want to get home so bat that I can hardly stand it. I am so nervous that I pace the floor continually & the nurse thinks I'm going to blow my lid anytime.

My ear is feeling better now. I saw an ear specialist and he said the drum was punctured but he didn't think that was causing my trouble now.

Five hundred of us were suppose to load out this afternoon on a transport, but it was postponed until tomorrow supposedly due to weather.

Oct. 13, 1945

Well today is yesterday again, that is alittle unusual.

Yesterday we had to go the wrong course for several hours to go with the roll of the ocean. I was terribly sea sick of the first three days but I'm O.K. now. This is a small ship & is very rough. I spend most of the day in my bunk & only get out for meals. It is so crowded on board that you can't get around on deck.

Oct. 19, 1945

Well the coast of California just came in sight. It sure looks good.

It has been a very long & tiresome trip but at last we have it whipped. We don't know where we are going but I suppose some hospital.

I would like very much to know what Glenn has done. I would like to meet him in California & go home together but it has been so long that I suppose he is already with you. I'll know soon.

emmet newell.jpg

Emmett Newell at home in Idaho



Interview with P.O.W.s Bud Sager and Charles Mellor

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Sara Jane Ruggles, with Auburn Crest Hospice, recorded the oral history of the Hayden couple Ron Mills, 86, and wife Betty, 83, in a series of fall 2022 interviews. In December, she began working with Verda Newell, 95, of Coeur d'Alene to record her story as well.

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Wake History Interview by David Pearsall Audio recording of his dad Swede he did in 1998, Swede died 3 years later.

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